Femina Group, the first women’s media group in the country, has been capturing the essence of smart, modern, and independent women for 47 years now.

And now, in its digital avatar, this media group reaches out to women through the entire day.

The group’s online platforms under many brands, covers a broad spectrum of topics including fashion, relationships, wellness, travel, and food. Femina Group is bolder in thought and more readable, with snippety, newsier content.

It raises issues, engages the community, gives a strong Femina Group point of view on issues that matter, and shapes opinions.


Elevating food industry in Jakarta to a higher level by improving all relating sectors.

Helping to create a better sustainability for honest brands

Increasing local players quality to bring Jakarta as  food capital of the region

Defining competitive assets to gradually establish Indonesia on global map

Enriching options by creating Jakarta a great place to land for international brands

Building a larger strategy to develop a citywide festival that contributes to the growth of tourism and retail sectors in Jakarta


Creating a food festival run by a media, a line of business built as a public service to help community make better decisions using improved knowledge

Connecting the right producers, users, and experts for a better view on an issue.

Finding values behind commercial brands to help brands appear more genuine

Offering exciting food-related programs to promote Jakarta’s unique food scene and its personalities